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Monitor, Evaluate & Grade your students effectively and effortlessly.

What LogIT PRO can do for you?

Some key features are listed below.

Student Profiler

Pro-actively track every student

Every Clinical & non-Clinical entry made by your students are actively tracked to better profile them & track their progress through out their academic programme. Over 100 data points are set and tracked for each student. 

Progress Monitor & Data Analytics

Conduct a 360 degree evaluation of every student  

Conduct a visual analysis of every student easily. Know where they stand amongst their peer in real-time.  

Compare Performance

Analyse all your students in real-time

Every students performance differently, and this is reflected in their Clinical & non-Clinical scores tracked by the LogIT System. Understand how they are performing with the help of reliable comparative performance data. 

Automatic Work Allocator

Allocate clinical work on the basis of performance

An important tool for PG programmes. Automatically find the best student or a team to allocate medicine or surgical procedure using the proprietary Compass North algorithmTM

Other features-LogIT PRO Cloud Portal

Secure Cloud Server

All your data is securely stored in cloud server located inside India.

Highly Customisable Settings  

From medical & surgical procedures to assessment methods, customise as per your institution's requirements. 

Data Analytics

Generate curated reports of your students progress, diseases and treatment trends, etc,.

Lecture Scheduler 

An important tool, mainly for UG programmes. Share prep-materials before lectures and schedule them right from the Cloud-Portal.

Develop & Share Digital Content

Create your own digital learning content & provide secure access to your students directly on the mobile app.

On-line Tests & Virtual Grading

Create unlimited on-line test and get them virtually graded.

Buy curated testing materials directly from our partners on the portal.

Knowledge Centre

Provide secure-access to your institution's presentations, lecture notes, publications, videos directly to your students. 

Direct Feedback

Provide feedback to your students, when you have to. And back your feedback with reliable data.

Review Panel

Set-up a review panel when you want. Allow other faculty members to review students remotely.

Digital Signed Clinical Records

Allow your student to get a copy of digitally signed records of all their clinical and non-clinical work in a format that is acceptable to the degree awarding university.

Live Feeds

Connect with your entire institution on the 'Live Feeds' platform, inbuilt into the Cloud-Portal and the Mobile app. With Facebook like features, you can share, comment and like posts created by the members of your institutions.

Controlled Data Migration

You can permit your students and faculty members to make a personal copy of the data that they enter into the Mobile app or the Cloud Portal. Control what they can export when they graduate or leave your institution.

Other feature-LogIT PRO Mobile App

Some key features of the LogIT PRO Mobile app are listed below...

Progress Monitor

 Track and Monitor performance instantaneously. 

Custom Alerts & Reminders

Get important alerts & schedules automatically sent to your mobile phones. 

Automatic Work Allocator

Allocate clinical work on the basis of a student's past performance or scores calculated using the proprietary Campus North Algorithm. 

Notes, where you need them

Mobile app has note-taking facility in key areas for students to use.  

GPS Based Attendance Marker 

Mark your presence in key meetings, ward visits on the go...

Online Digital Learning Content

 Buy curated learning content, testing materials, etc., from our partners directly from the mobile app.

All Records in One Place

Store all their Clinical and non-Clinical records in one place.

Export Records

On graduation, students can export records all their records at the press of a button in a format as prescribed by their universities.

Intra-App Migration

Migrate between LogIT PRO & Logit Lite mobile app for free*

* Conditions apply. Please read about it here.