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All-in-one CLOUD BASED teaching, learning, testing  & content management system

designed specifically for Competency Based Medical Education.

  • for university

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ONE PLATFORM for effective curriculum implementation, throughout.

LogIT PRO is designed to help Indian medical universities implement the new COMPETENCY BASED CURRICULUM in less-time. With highly customisable & versatile components, multi-platform operability & secure interface, LogIT PRO, can be designed to suit the every university's unique requirements.

With LogIT PRO there is now a possibility to track the performance of every institution, in real-time!


Why LogIT PRO?

LogIT PRO empowers medical institutions, teaching faculty and students to focus on what matters. It is the only platform medical institutions will need to implement the new competency based curriculum, comprehensively.

Some key features of using LogIT PRO are listed below:

Hybrid/Blended Learning

Designed exclusively to support blended learning methods at all levels.

Product feature 01

Synchronous  & Asynchronous Modes

Encourages & supports both synchronous and asynchronous learning modes. 

Product feature 02

Built-in CBME Scheduler*

Teach and test every competency* as mandated by the Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate, 2018.

Product feature 03

Objective Oriented Learning & Teaching Materials

Teachers can design courses & course work based on learning objectives for every competency.

Product feature 04

Highly Customisable Components & Interface 

Customise how the cloud portal and mobile app works based on your institutions unique requirements.

Product feature 05

Immersive Learning & Testing Tools

Latest learning and testing tools.

Product feature 06

Instantaneous Performance Grading 

With automated testing and grading, easily understand the performance in great detail. 

Product feature 07

Intractability & Feedback 

With in-built feature, users can interact and deliberate, easily.

Product feature 08


What is LogIT PRO?

LogIT PRO is a SaaS (Software-As-A-Service), specifically design for the Indian medical education system. It is suitable for institutions, training & certifications agencies & teachers who are keen to leverage technology to aid in teaching, learning & testing medical students and trainees.

How can medical education benefit from such a platform?

LogIT PRO is cloud based teaching, learning, testing and content management systems. Today's medical education systems demands novel ways for teachers to teach, test and help students learn, train and certifying their skills. LogIT PRO is that platform!

It is a purpose built platform, designed for the aid teachers, students and trainees in all their activities.

Does LogIT PRO require a lot of investment?

NO. LogIT PRO is built on a subscription based model. Every user pays a nominal user access fee, either on a monthly or yearly basis for using the platform.

Why change the way we teach, learn and test ?

With the new requirements of Competency Based Medical Education, there is need to continuously test every student. Medical education is rapidly changing, influenced by many factors including the changing health care environment, the changing role of the physician, altered societal expectations, rapidly changing medical science, and the diversity of pedagogical techniques. 

Changes in societal expectations put patient safety in the forefront, and raises the ethical issues of learning interactions and procedures on live patients, with the long-standing teaching method of “see one, do one, teach one” no longer acceptable. 

The educational goals of using technology in medical education include facilitating basic knowledge acquisition, improving decision making, enhancement of perceptual variation, improving skill coordination, practicing for rare or critical events, learning team training, and improving psychomotor skills. 

Will LogIT PRO end-up replacing teachers and faculty members?

NO. Certainly not. Although we hear this a lot, we would to stress upon the fact  that LogIT PRO is merely a service companion that will help you and your students excel.

How does LogIT PRO compare to other popular, free platforms (like Google Class Room)? 

Since the recent pandemic many institutions have started to use Microsoft Teams and Google Classrooms. However, it is prudent for you to understand that such platforms are not designed for medical education, and they are developed for a generic purpose.

There are very specific requirements of a medical education platform, such as virtual clinical simulations, immersive teaching, learning and testing tools, and these cannot be provided by such generic platforms.   

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