LogIT System


India's 1st

novel digital platform bringing together medical students and institutions...

This is a special initiative by TapZule Healthcare and LogIT System to promote
Competency Based Medical Education.


TapZule Healthcare, through LogIT System aspires to provide a novel digital-platform for Clinical Skills and Competency Evaluation of medical students and healthcare professionals and promote Competency Based Medical Education

LogIT System associates with leading medical-education content providers, online bookstores & CME course providers from India and abroad to provide quality digital learning-content for  medical institutions, students and working healthcare professionals.

At present, LogIT System has provisions for delivering digital learning content in several popular formats across its Cloud-Portal and Mobile Apps (LogIT PRO & LogIT lite) (Android & IOS version).

We believe that such partnerships in medical education expands the knowledge of students and offers them an opportunity to get exposed to different schools of thought in an easy, effective & flexible manner. We also believe that this will ultimately improve skills & competency level of the future doctors. 

The platform has several unique facilities for students to interact directly with digital learning content providers from around the world, receive study materials, participate in on-line courses and take online assessments and tests directly from their mobile app.

Learn more about what you can do to help us in this initiative. Join us and provide your medical-education content to 1000s of medical students....

An unique content-providing mechanism for partners

LogIT System, unique, as it is, has a different approach to encouraging partners to provide the best of the best digital-learning content on multiple platforms. 

Partners can use our custom dashboard to easily publish their products, set prices, create discounts & downloadable content, and also get their sales and payment information in real-time.
  • full control

  • Integrated management

  • run promotional events

Full Control

LogIT System is designed to provide full-control of the content that you provide on the platform. Much like your own selling platform, LogIT System lets you choose 'what & to whom' you want to sell your products to.


Notespaedia is a next generation platform that provides digital hand written notes for all entrance exam preparatory & study needs. 

All their learning contents are designed to evoke visual learning.


MedStudentNotes are producers of High-Yield notes. Used by over 40,000 medical students across the world. Developed by doctors, they provide content on topics from cellular biology to cardiology.

Brainscape provide online flashcards for various medical examinations, such as USMLE. Brainscape applies decades of cognitive science research toward an optimal educational experience that drills students on bite-sized learning objectives. 

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