can help you make the

most of your

student-manpower resources

in 3 simple steps

help your students become better surgeons & physicians.

1. Monitor

LogIT PRO helps you monitor your students' performance in the assigned clinical work in real-time.

LogITPRO-PG-Student Profiler
Monitor your Students' Progress

Understand how a student is performing with in-depth information on his/her clinical & non-clinical work.

Compare Progress

Compare how your student's are performing with in-built assessment tools such as Self, Peer Evaluation and Entrustable Professional Attribute Evaluation.

LogIT PRO-PG-Student Profiler

Track Attendance at Ward Visits, Meetings, etc.

Track your students activity using the GPS enabled attendance tracker built-into the mobile apps.

2. Evaluate

Evaluate your students comprehensively in every clinical & non-clinical scenario imaginable.

Review your students with ease.

Use the in-built templates to review your students thoroughly.

LogIT PRO has specialised & customisable review templates for conducting Entrustable Professional Attributes and Physicians Rating.

At the time of graduation your students have the facility to download their log-book, reports, etc directly from the mobile apps.

LogIT PRO-UG-PG-TestCentre-Question Set

Create Custom Picture/Video based Questions

Upload picture/video and formulate your own questions and  tests your students. 

3. Allocate

Automatically allocate clinical work to your students on the basis of their past performance.

Upload a surgical procedure/medical consultation and LogIT PRO automatically allocates available resources (assigns clinical work to students.)

LogIT PRO-PG-Allocation

Other Features

Below are some important features of LogIT PRO Cloud Portal & Mobile App

Highly Customisable

From medical & surgical procedures to assessment methods, customise as per your institution's requirements. 

Data Analytics

Generate curated reports of your students progress, diseases and treatment trends, etc,.

Develop & Share Digital Content

Create your own digital learning content & provide secure access to your students directly on the mobile app.

Knowledge Centre

Provide secure-access to your institution's presentations, lecture notes, publications, videos directly to your students.

Direct Feedback

Provide feedback to your students, when you have to. And back your feedback with reliable data.

Digital Signed Clinical Records

Allow your student to get a copy of digitally signed records of all their clinical and non-clinical work in a format that is acceptable to the degree awarding university.

Live Feeds

Connect with your entire institution on the 'Live Feeds' platform, inbuilt into the Cloud-Portal and the Mobile app. With Facebook like features, you can share, comment and like posts created by the members of your institutions.

Custom Alerts & Reminders

Get important alerts & schedules automatically sent to your mobile phones.

Notes, where you need them

Mobile app has note-taking facility in key areas for students to use.  

Online Digital Learning Content

 Buy curated learning content, testing materials, etc., from our partners directly from the mobile app.

Export Records

On graduation, students can export records all their records at the press of a button in a format as prescribed by their universities.

Plans & Pricing

Prices are based on the academic programme.


Single PG Programme

₹ 30000/month*

  • Create a platform for 1 PG Programme  
  • Enrol upto 30 mobile app users
  • Enrol upto 20 cloud portal users
  • 25 GB exclusive cloud storage
  • Students pay ₹ 350/month subscription fee
  • per batch/academic year


3+PG Programmes

₹ XXX/month*

  • Create a platform for more than 3 PG Programmes
  • Enrol more than 200 mobile app users
  • Enrol more than 100 cloud portal users
  • 1 TB exclusive cloud storage
  • Students pay ₹ 350/month subscription fee
  • per batch/academic year
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