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How can a training & certifying institute benefit from LogIT PRO?

LogIT PRO is purpose built for any institution interested in training & certifying clinical and non-clinical skills of a large and diverse sections of students & trainees.

LogIT PRO supports most Indian languages.  Provide training in major vernacular languages. 

White label the platform for multi-device use. 

Provide courses at variated learning pace to suit the course & the trainee requirements.

Key Features

Easy & Quick Deployment

Set up your institute almost instantaneously. White-label the platform to suit your requirements.

Easily Teach, Test & Certify

LogIT PRO can help institutions delivery content (teaching, learning & testing) to students across various platforms easily. Conduct certifying examinations on the platform and help students/trainees to take such exams at their convenience.  

LIVE lectures & Seminars

LogIT PRO can help institutions delivery live lectures & seminars and conduct CME programs for a wide range of audiences. 

Virtual Simulation Tools

LogIT PRO comes equipped with latest & light-weight, browser friend virtual simulation tools for institutions to train, test & certify clinical work remotely. 

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