is for you.

How can I benefit as a student?

LogIT PRO empowers medical institutions, teaching faculty and students to focus on what matters.

It is the only platform medical institutions will need to implement the new competency based curriculum, comprehensively.

Curated learning, testing & reference  materials. 

Promote micro-learning & retention^ throughout a students' course work.

Secured digital records of Pre-clinical, clinical and para-clinical activities.

^ LogIT PRO makes use of proprietary ML based algorithms to understand a student's performance in various types pf activities and recommends methods and schedules for a stress-free and efficient learning.

Key Features

Prepare for multiple Exams

LogIT PRO aides you in preparing for multiple exams at once. Use the automated & guided architecture to prepare for similar questions types & curriculums.

Understand your Progress in depth

LogIT PRO's AI/ML based analysis of your progress in various sections during the course your programme.

Buy and Sell online

LogIT PRO is also an e-commerce platform on which you can buy and sell medical books, equipment and educational tools to your compatriots.

Active Career Guidance Support

Based on all your performances and interactions on the platform, receive active career guidance support in real-time.

Use our Chat Bot to destress

LogIT PRO has an inbuilt feature that can greatly help you destress and navigate the complex labyrinth of a medical college.

Engage as a community

Engage with your compatriots.

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