LogIT PRO is designed

for the teachers of the future!.


LogIT PRO is designed to help teachers to focus on what actually matters: teaching!

The platform is purpose-build to do 2 things: 1) help teachers implement the CBME based curriculum effectively, and 2) reduced their workload and enable them to focus on their teaching activity.

Reduce workload by upto 50%* (regular, day-to-day, repetitive work). 

"Teach the teacher" with inbuilt teacher-training^ modules & exercises.

Monitor every student, every activity in great detail.

* LogIT PRO makes use of proprietary ML based algorithms to complete or make suggestions to tasks of repetitive nature, such as setting up tests, scoring assessment and assignments, providing feedbacks on activities, performances, etc. 

^ The platform uses proprietary ML based algorithms to help teachers prepare and improve their teaching activities. 

Key Features

Purchasable, Curated Content

LogIT PRO provides access to purchasable, curated teaching, learning & testing content from various verified & reputed content providers from India & abroad. 

Machine Learning (ML) based Lesson Planning Tool

LogIT PRO enables teachers to use our proprietary ML based lesson planning tool. Teachers can make use of it to create interactive, customisable teaching & testing plans.

Continuous monitoring & Engagement

LogIT PRO is designed as a people/user-centric platform, making it the first application in this sector to make use of AI & ML based technology to understand a medial students' interactions on the platform, analyse the learning gaps and recommend corrective measures in real-time.

AI & ML based Assessment, Assignment Rubric & Feedback Suggester

LogIT PRO comes enabled with AI & ML based scoring/rubric for teachers. Improvement & feedback suggestions are generated automatically based on the students performance on an activity on the platform.

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