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cloud based

teaching, learning, testing  & content management system

designed specifically for competency based medical education.

  • For universities

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  • for training & certifying institutions

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ONE PLATFORM for effective curriculum implementation, throughout.

LogIT PRO is designed to help Indian medical universities implement the new COMPETENCY BASED CURRICULUM in less-time. With highly customisable & versatile components, multi-platform operability & secure interface, LogIT PRO, can be designed to suit the every university's unique requirements.

With LogIT PRO there is now a possibility to track the performance of every institution, in real-time!

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Why LogIT PRO?

LogIT PRO empowers medical institutions, teaching faculty and students to focus on what matters.

It is the only platform medical institutions will need to implement the new competency based curriculum, comprehensively.

Some key features of using LogIT PRO are listed below:

Hybrid/Blended Learning

Designed exclusively to support blended learning methods at all levels.

Synchronous  & Asynchronous Modes

Encourages & supports both synchronous and asynchronous learning modes. 

Built-in CBME Scheduler*

Teach and test every competency* as mandated by the Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate, 2018.

Objective Oriented Learning & Teaching Materials

Teachers can design courses & course work based on learning objectives for every competency.

Highly Customisable Components & Interface 

Customise how the cloud portal and mobile app works based on your institutions unique requirements.

Distance Learning & Testing 

Easily create distance learning & testing programmes on the app. 

Immersive Learning & Testing Tools

Latest learning and testing tools.

Tools for Teaching the Masses

Reach out to large number of learners using the platform, easily.

Instantaneous Performance Grading 

With automated testing and grading, easily understand the performance in great detail. 

Intractability & Feedback 

With in-built feature, users can interact and deliberate, easily.

ONE platform for

Medical Education, Training & Certification.

LogIT PRO currently supports the following programs:

Medicine-UG (CBME)


LogIT PRO is working to support the following programs:




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